An Inclusive Language Guide — Huh? What? Why?

“For a while now, we’ve been on a journey as a brand and as a business to hold ourselves accountable and do the best we can by our world, and by our people. As a super fund, our people are our members. As an employer, our people are also our staff. As a business, our people are also other business leaders.”

This is the first paragraph of one the newest pieces of work we’ve been putting together at Future Super: an Inclusive Language Guide.

It continues — speaking to the exploration we’ve been doing as a brand when it comes to the language we use. We ask ourselves, “What is the intention?” Is there intention? What considerations do we — should we — have in the language we use as a brand?

We have written this Inclusive Language Guide as an ever-evolving, open-source piece of work that seeks to answer those questions — or, at least, speak to some principles of inclusion that we can use when it comes to the way we speak and the words we choose.

The Guide is the culmination (but not the hard stop) of the journey articulated in that first paragraph: a movement towards doing better and holding ourselves to that, as a company and as a language-led brand. And we know that doing better isn’t a quest one can go on alone: we are always better when we share and learn from others’ insights and knowledge. That’s why we’ve shared this amongst other like-minded businesses, other B-Corps and companies in our networks. To be better, together.

As we continue to learn and our contexts continue to evolve, the Guide will be updated to reflect that.

Without further ado, we release this Inclusive Language Guide out into the wild. We hope you enjoy.

23yo sometimes-creative. Living and working and thriving on Gadigal land. Currently: Social Media Specialist @ Future Super.

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